How can I maintain control when playing and who can I reach to for gambling problems?

  • Whilst the majority of our customers gamble within their means, for some this can be more difficult. In order to maintain control of your gambling habits, we would like you to bear in mind the following points:

    • Gambling should be done in moderation and undertaken as a form of entertainment and not as a way of making a living.

    • Avoid chasing losses.

    • Only gamble when you can cover the losses.

    • Keep track of the time and monitor the amount of money you spend.

    • If you need help, use the loss limits functionality to help you control the amount you can spend. 

    • Should you require a break from gambling, self-exclusion can be set on our Player Protection page or by contacting our Customer Service.

    For more information, please visit our Responsible Gaming Policy section or our Responsible Gaming Page.

    If you need to talk to someone about any concerns you may have with your gambling, please contact

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