What is Responsible Gaming and how do I play using it in my favor?

Since we want our customers to enjoy a fair and safe entertainment environment, we want everyone to have the best online experience without it harming their reality. Therefore, we take responsible gaming practices very seriously.

We understand that the product is exciting and makes for a great pastime activity, but we also know the risk associated with immoderate gambling.

Here are some tips to help you!

• Play for fun, keep betting like a game

• Knowing yourself is knowing when to stop

• Keep your gambling in check with our responsible gaming tools

• Keep an eye on time and money spent

• Stay social

• Don't bet after/while drinking

• Please gamble responsibly and make sure you understand what this means

Remember that, to manage your gaming activities in a more responsible way, simply access Player Protection. You will find a number of useful tools that allow you to manage your settings effectively.

For more information, please visit our Responsible Gaming Policy section or our Responsible Gambling.

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