How will I know if I have a gambling addiction problem?

The behavioral patterns of an addictive gambler are as follows:

• Persistent involvement with gambling, anxiety and irritability when gambling is interrupted or reduced.
•  Tendency towards borrowing money in order to temporarily address financial problems.
• Repeated unsuccessful attempts to control, reduce or interrupt gambling.
•  Long or unwarranted periods of absence from home and work.
• Duplicate loans, overused credit cards, bounced checks and unjustified lack of money from the family budget.
• Intensive study of sports schedule and sports picks from television, newspapers, radio, and the internet.
• Isolation to focus better on the ways to gamble.
• Refusal to accept advice or remarks made by others about how to deal with gambling.
• Decline in work efficiency.
• Discomfort, anger and staggering tension if an occurrence prevents gambling.
• Happy mood, inflated self-esteem and relief in case of profitable gambling.

If you think you have a gambling addiction issue, the following questions can help you verify it:
•  Does gamble prevent you from being consistent in your work or studies?
• Do you bet just to pass some time or because you feel bored?
• Do you gamble to pay debts or solve some financial problems?
• Do you gamble until you lose all your money?
• Have you ever lied to hide the amount and time you spent in gambling?
• Do you gamble alone and for long periods of time?
• Has anyone criticized you for your gambling?
• Have you lost interest in family, friends, and other entertainment activities?
• Have you lied, stolen or borrowed to maintain your gambling habits?
• Have you lied, stolen or borrowed to try to get even?
• Are you reluctant to spend gambling money on something else?
• After a loss, do you feel you have to try to win back your losses as fast as possible?
• Do you want to bet after a quarrel or a disappointment?
• Do you ever feel depressed or consider harming yourself as a result of gambling?

The more positive answers, the greater the probability of having a gambling addiction problem.

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