What are the terms used in Blackjack and what do they mean?

Split: Is when the player gets a pair in their hand, which they can divide into two separate hands, repeating the bet. In this case, the two hands are played simultaneously, and the player receives an additional card for each of their hands.

Insurance: Is an additional bet you can place, with a value of 50% of the initial bet. 
This option is available only when the dealer shows an Ace. If you place an Insurance bet and the dealer reveals Blackjack, you get paid 2 to 1.

Push: Is when the player and the dealer are tied, and the bet is returned.

Hit: Is to ask for another card.

Stand: Is to hold your total and end your turn.

Bust: Is a Blackjack hand with a total value of more than 21, which loses automatically.

Double Down: Is an option in Blackjack where you double your bet, and you can use it only once per hand. After doubling down, you receive only one card, and you stop regardless of the total score.

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