What is the ”Split Screen” function and how can I use it?

To have a more entertaining, pleasant and dynamic experience on our platform, we are now offering you a new way to access your favorite slots and Live Casino tables. The ”Split Screen” function is available for browsers on your computer and your Android-operated mobile phone. Regardless of your access preference, you can now see and play up to 4 slots and/or Live Casino games/tables simultaneously. 

How to use the feature: 

1. Access your favorite section (Casino or Live Casino).

2. Once there, select a slot or a Casino table.
3. On the upper right-hand side of the screen, you will notice a few buttons belonging to the new options we added on our page: Exit, Entire screen / Full-screen1 game2 games4 games.

4. From there, you can select whether you would like to play 1 slot/Live Casino game or more, as seen below.

5. If you choose to play 2 games at the same time (the combination can be slots, Live tables or both), you need to press “2 games.

6. If you choose to play 4 slots at the same time (once more, they can be either slots, Live Casino games or a combination of both), you will press on “4 games.

7. By pressing ”Entire screen”, you will see the selected slots in full screen.

8. If you choose to press on ”Exit” (the first option at the top), the whole session will be consequently closed.
9. If you only want to close one of the slots, you need to press the ”X” button on the slot you want to close.

If you have additional questions about ”Split Screen” and its functionality, please let us know via one of the communication channels.

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