How many types of Handicap bets are there on the page?

Handicap bets fall into two categories: the Asian handicap bet and the European handicap bet. Here is how each of them can be described:

Asian Handicap - This bet will have two options (Team 1 winner / Team 2 winner). It can have either integer values ​​or decimal values ​​(0.25 / 0.50 / 0.75 / 1.00). The Asian handicap bet does not allow the “Draw” option but allows the possibility to have bets with the amount returned in full or partially returned. Therefore, this type of handicap bet gives the bettor much better flexibility of play.

In football, Asian handicap bets can target goals, corners, or cards. In basketball, these bets are more popular than those on the team's victory, offering more options in case of a disproportionate odds ratio.

European Handicap - This bet will have three options (Team 1 winner / Draw / Team 2 winner). It can only have integer values ​​(+/- 1.00; +/- 2.00; +/- 3.00 etc.). If a team starts with a handicap of -2 (equivalent to a starting score of 0: 2), it will have to prevail at a difference of at least 3 goals for the bet to be a winner. If the team wins with a 2: 0, the winning bet will be the “Draw”. If the team wins by 1: 0, the “Winning Team 2” bet will be drawn.

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