What is a Goliath bet system?

When it comes to betting big, it doesn't get much bigger than a Goliath bet, just as the name suggests!

Simply put, a Goliath bet is a massive combination bet with a total of 247 bets across 8 selections.

The potential winnings on a Goliath bet are gargantuan!

Your Goliath bet stake per selection is multiplied by 247 to cover every possible outcome (except single bets). 

A Goliath bet is simply a combination bet on 8 selections offered by all the best online bookmakers.

This bet system can be used for any sport, but horse racing Goliath bets and soccer Goliath bets are the most popular.

To place a Goliath bet, simply choose eight selections, whether this is 8 separate horse races, or 8 soccer matches.

When you select these eight to be included in a Goliath bet, the bookmaker will automatically enter all the possible permutations of bets across the 8 selections for you.

There are 247 bets in a Goliath, so a win Goliath will cost you 247x whatever stake you want to place on each bet.

For example, a $100 Goliath will cost you 247 x $100 = $24.700.

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