What is a Canadian bet?

Canadian bet is the successor to a Yankee bet (which consists of 4 selections) and falls into the ‘Full Cover Bet' category as it includes all possible multiple bets.

So, what is a Canadian bet, what does it consist of, and how do you calculate this bet type?

Canadian bet (often also referred to as a Super Yankee) is a wager on 5 selections taking part in different events and consists of 26 bets:

  • 10 Doubles
  • 10 Trebles
  • 5 4-Folds
  • 1 5-Folds

A minimum of 2 selections must win to generate a return.

It is most commonly used by horse racing bettors (at this time we don't offer horse races on Betano) but can be applied across all sports and markets.

Note: A Canadian is similar to a Lucky 31, in the sense that both bets consist of 5 selections, the only difference being is that a Lucky 31 also includes singles.

Why is it exactly that this betting type is popular?

For starters, a Canadian bet opens up the massive potential for profits.
Since you are essentially placing 26 different bets, on the occasion most of your selections win, you can earn a small fortune. Furthermore, unlike with simpler types of multiple bets, only two selections are enough for a win condition. This means that you can still turn a profit, even if most of your selections lose. However, you will need some preemptive planning and strategizing if you want to make a successful bet.

What are the disadvantages of the Canadian Bet? 

First, this type of betting is very complex. The very number of bets and calculations is enough to turn many people away. Therefore, the bet definitely requires a higher skill level, and we wouldn’t recommend it to betting novices. Furthermore, since you are placing 26 different bets, this means that you will have to make 26 wagers. This inherently makes this betting type more expensive.

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