Why haven't I received the full amount of my betslip's potential winnings (Dead Heat, Obvious Error, Void)?

There may be instances where the odds on your bet differ from those at the time of placing the bet. This may be due to a number of reasons, which are listed below:

Dead-Heat: In the event of a Dead-Heat between two or more selections, the rule of the proportional and equal distribution of the wagering amount applies to the number of selections and is settled according to the odds at the time of the bet placement. Example 1: Suppose that three participants take the first place in an event, all bets placed on any of the three participants are settled as won in one third of the stake, with no changes to the odds. Example 2: Suppose that three footballers are the top scorers in an event, all bets placed on any of the three players are settled as winnings at one-third of the stake.

Void Bet: A bet can be cancelled for various reasons, such as the event being postponed / cancelled, technical issues, duplicate bets, inability to confirm the end result of an event, and others. Settlement of a market as void means that your stake has been returned to your account (at the odds of 1.00) for single bets, or a market in your bet slip has been settled at the odds of 1.00, for parlays.

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