What is BetFriends and how do I use?

BetFriends is an innovative feature delivered to give you more entertainment and the chance to share your bets with your friends.

The mission of this new feature is to help you:

  • build a private community with your friends
  • check your friends' bets and add them to your bet slip
  • get notifications about your friends betting activity

Your friend will not be able to see the amount you bet. Also, you can at any time choose for your betting activity not to be visible to a connection or decide not to receive notifications for a connection's betting activity.

To navigate this feature, you will need to follow the path: My Account-> BetFriends.

  • Share your link with your friends
  • Confirm or Remove an invitation
  • Check your friends' bets and add them to your bet slip
  • Get notifications (from your closest friends - tagged with heart symbol- or from all your friends)
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