How to win a mission and what to pay attention to?

How to win a mission

  • From the moment you state your participation in the Mission, you can place the bets that will get you closer to your goal.
  • At each step of your Mission, you will be receiving an update through a progress bar that will appear when the step is completed.
  • When you reach the final stage, you will see the message: "Mission accomplished"!
  • You have now completed all necessary steps, and when your bets are settled, you can claim your reward.
  • Note that your Mission's reward will be known to you from the beginning, so you will decide for yourself if it's interesting enough for you to participate or skip this Mission and wait for another Mission to appear!

    Where to pay attention

  • Cashing out any of the bets associated with a Mission will automatically terminate the Mission, unless otherwise stated in the offer.
  • To complete a Mission, all associated bets must be settled.
  • Participation in the Missions offer is optional and at the discretion of our members.
  • Terms, prizes, or a mission's availability may vary from time to time and across our members' accounts.
  • Betting on interdependent outcomes is not allowed in this offer.
  • Cancelled bets or bets on cancelled events or bets on participants that did not take part in the event or on any events that, for any reason, have been settled at an odd that equals to 1.00 will not be included among the steps to fulfil each Mission.
  • Bets placed with the use of Free Bets or Full Bets will not fulfil the Mission's conditions.
  • Our company reserves the right to cancel a Mission in the event of an unforeseen technical problem.
  • Missions General Terms, General Terms and Conditions and Bonus Terms apply.
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