How to activate the First Deposit Bonus?

Betano has 2 types of First Deposit Bonus available to new customers:


The selection of the desired First Deposit Bonus must be made at the time of the First Deposit in the Player Account.

Each user is entitled to only use one First Deposit Bonus. Once you select one of the First Deposit Bonus types, you will not be able to take advantage of another First Deposit Bonus later.

When you accept a First Deposit Bonus in your account and as long as it remains active, all bets you place will be placed in a 50/50 ratio ( the bet considers half of each balance, real, and bonus). Likewise, and in the same proportion, the winnings you obtain will be reflected in your player account, in real and bonus balance.

When you place a bet with the total value of both balances, the winnings will be reflected in proportion to the values of each balance that contributed to the bet.

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